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SCARGUARD MD Physicians Formula
Flatten and shrink old scars, Minimize new ones.

It's normal to be concerned about how your scars will look following a surgical procedure. Some people heal with very little scarring, while others are not as fortunate. Not being able to influence how your scars will look has always been frustrating. Until now.

Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is proven to flatten scars and improve their appearance - and it's very easy to use. This means you now have more control than ever over the look of your scars.

The key is a unique formulation available only through your physician. It uses our patented SG5™ technology that combines multiple ingredients into one product that's ideal for treating raised scars and keloids.

It also helps minimize new scar tissue after an injury or surgery. Maybe that's why Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is the number one choice among leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

The active ingredients in Scarguard MD Physicians Formula are:

  • 15% topical silicone, which is clinically proven to help shrink scar tissue.
  • 0.75% hydrocortisone that helps reduce irritation associated with scarring.
  • 0.55% vitamin E that assists in the natural healing process by softening and providing moisture to your scar.
The exclusive formula found in Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is stronger than over-the-counter products available in pharmacies - which means you can expect more effective results.

Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is a fast drying, clear liquid that you brush onto your skin twice a day. It's waterproof and dries to a nearly invisible film, and it can even be covered by makeup.

It really is that easy. So there's no longer a reason to deal with inconvenient scar treatments such as silicone pads, gels, vitamin E capsules or painful injections.

Today you have more control than ever over the appearance of your scars following a surgery or an injury. No longer do you have to cross your fingers and rely on luck to determine how your scars will look.

By simply applying Scarguard MD Physicians Formula twice a day, you can flatten and shrink existing scars, and help prevent the appearance of new ones.

So talk to your physician about how you can reduce the appearance of your scars through the exclusive formula found only in Scarguard MD Physicians Formula.

Remember, Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is only available through your doctor.


Scarlight MD™ is a gel that absorbs quickly into your skin, and it's clinically proven to help lighten skin discolorations that can result from:
  • Dark scars
  • Freckles
  • Circles under the eye
  • Blemishes
  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Post laser pigmentation
  • Birth control pigmentation
It's common for an injured area of your skin to darken after an accident. That's because your pigment cells (called melanocytes) can become over active after an injury. This can result in a darkened scar. Fortunately, you can now do something about it with Scarlight MD.

Scarlight MD is a unique formula that incorporates multiple technologies into one easy to use solution. The hydroquinone in Scarlight MD works to reduce the visible melanin in your skin - which helps lighten scars or other blemishes.

Scarlight MD also contains retinoic, azaleic and kojic acids that work together with vitamin C to create a more youthful look and feel for your skin.

All you have to do is brush Scarlight MD onto your discolored area. It penetrates and dries quickly, leaving no residue on your skin that can stain your clothing. Simply apply it twice a day and soon you'll begin to see noticeable results.


Doctors agree. Failure to shield scars and recently injured skin from sun exposure can cause permanent darkening. So a vital part of your scar treatment should always include protecting them from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays.

That's exactly what SolarGuard MD does.

It protects the health of your skin, which is especially important when you're dealing with scars and sensitive blemishes.

SolarGuard MD is also simple to apply. For even greater convenience, it's specially formulated to be used along with Scarguard MD or any other topical scar treatment.

SolarGuard MD utilizes SLG2™, which combines multiple technologies that are clinically proven to help reduce the risk of skin cancer and sun damage. How? By providing physical reflective blocks and screening barriers that protect your skin. It works like this:

  • Reflect. The physical blocks in SolarGuard MD contain micronized zinc and titanium that repel damaging sun rays.
  • Screen. SolarGuard MD's barriers create an invisible screen that helps prevent the absorption of UVA/UVB rays that injure your skin.
The result is healthier looking skin and a significant reduction in the darkening of your scars.

Our micro-targeted technology allows you to apply SolarGuard MD directly to scars or other high risk areas of your skin. It moisturizes while absorbing quickly - so it won't harm your clothes.

For best results, apply SolarGuard MD 20 minutes before sun exposure, and at frequent intervals after perspiring, swimming or towel drying.

Remember, sun damage can occur through light garments. So it's a good idea to use SolarGuard MD throughout the day.

When how you look plays such a key role in how you feel, it's a good idea to ask your physician how SolarGuard MD can protect your skin from the sun and minimize the chance of your scars becoming permanently darkened.

Your physician can also explain the proven benefits of using Scarguard MD Physicians Formula and Scarlight MD to protect your scars and other blemishes.

How do raised scars form?
When your skin is injured, scar tissue forms to fill the gap. This happens by your body naturally producing collagen, which is a strong protein that reconnects your broken skin. Collagenase is your body's natural scar inhibitor.

When your body does not produce enough collagenase during its normal healing process, the result is the formation of raised scars and keloids.

Here are some common questions and answers that will further help you understand how Scarguard MD Physicians Formula, Scarlight MD Gel and SolarGuard MD can treat and protect your scars.


On which scars will Scarguard MD Physicians Formula work:
It works on old overgrown or thick scars (referred to as hypertrophic scars or keloids), and it works to improve scar appearance in newly forming scars.

However, Scarguard MD Physicians Formula will not help stretch marks. It will help acne scars only if they are overgrown, but not acne scars that are sunk into your skin. If you have flat and soft scars that are discolored, use Scarlight MD instead.

When should I begin to use Scarguard MD Physicians Formula?
With old scars you can begin anytime. With new scars, you should begin use as soon as the wound has healed, or "skinned over."

When do I apply Scarguard MD Physicians Formula?
Simply brush it on twice a day. You an peel it off before you apply a fresh coat, but it is not necessary. However, if you do keep adding layers on top of each other, it forms a more visible film. So removing existing layers will look better.

Here's a few quick tips: Scotch® Tape will lift an existing layer of Scarguard MD Physicians Formula right off. If it gets into your hair, Acetone-type nail polish remover will get it out. Also, Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is water resistant, so it won't wash off when you bathe or swim.

Does Scarguard MD Physicians Formula have a fragrance?
Yes. It has a distinctive smell similar to nail polish. This is due to the antiseptic component in the formula that enables it to clean your skin before forming a protective film. The smell will dissipate within seconds of application. Always avoid getting it into your eyes or mouth.

How long should Scarguard MD Physicians Formula be used?
This varies among individuals and depends on your scar. Typically, patients use it for two to four months.

Can Scarguard MD Physicians Formula be used during pregnancy?
Check with your obstetrician before using Scarguard MD Physicians Formula.

Can Scarguard MD Physicians Formula be used on children?
Do not use it on children under two. For use on children from age two to 12, please consult your physician. Scarguard MD Physicians Formula should always be kept out of the reach of children, and if it is swallowed you should seek medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Are there any other precautions that I should be aware of when using Scarguard MD Physicians Formula?
Yes. Be careful to keep it out of contact with your eyes. Be sure to use the product only in a well-ventilated area. You should also be aware that Scarguard MD Physicians Formula is flammable until it is dry.

In addition, never apply the product to mucous membranes. You should stop using Scarguard MD Physicians Formula and contact your doctor if your physical condition worsens after using it, or if your symptoms persist for more than seven days.


Does Scarlight MD work on pigmented skin?
Yes, Scarlight MD is effective on any skin type or tone. However, if you have dark, pigmented skin, be careful to only apply it to the area that is too dark.

Will sun exposure affect my results?
Avoiding direct sun is an important part of improving skin discoloration when using Scarlight MD. Wear sun block and cover exposed areas.

How long before I start seeing results with Scarlight MD?
Patients who use Scarlight MD regularly as directed will generally see improvement in four to six weeks. Your results will be influenced by your individual skin type and the cause of your discoloration.

Can I use Scarlight MD and Scarguard MD Physicians Formula at the same time?
Yes. They are perfectly compatible. Simply apply Scarlight MD first, then wait two minutes to apply Scarguard MD Physicians Formula.

How long should I use Scarlight MD?
Patients typically use Scarlight MD for one to three months. If your discoloration hasn't significantly improved in three months, or at any time it seems to have become worse, consult your doctor.

Will Scarlight MD irritate my skin?
If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you test Scarlight MD on a small, unbroken patch of skin. Apply a small amount and check it for a reaction in 24 hours. Minor redness is normal. However, if there is itching, or the patch seems severely inflamed, please contact your doctor prior to further use.

I'm pregnant. Can I still use Scarlight MD?
No. If you are pregnant you should not use Scarlight MD.

Can Scarlight MD be used on children?
If your child is under 12, consult with your physician before using Scarlight MD. Be careful to keep Scarlight MD out of the reach of children. If Scarlight MD is swallowed, immediately seek medical help or call a Poison Control Center right away.

Are there any further precautions of which I should be aware when using Scarlight MD?
Yes. Never apply Scarlight MD to mucus membranes. When using Scarlight MD, mild irritation may occur. Stop using Scarlight MD if the irritation becomes severe or your condition worsens. If addition, do not allow your eyes to come in contact with Scarlight MD. If contact does occur, immediately rinse your eyes with water.


How should SolarGuard be applied when used in conjunction with other Scarguard products?
When also using Scarlight MD, apply it first and allow it to completely dry before applying Scarguard MD Physicians Formula. SolarGuard MD should be applied after Scarguard MD Physicians Formula has dried to a film.

Should I test for skin sensitivity prior to using SolarGuard MD?
No, it isn't necessary. However, if you experience skin irritation after applying SolarGuard MD, you should discontinue use and consult your physician.

How is SolarGuard MD different from regular sunscreen?
SolarGuard MD is a multi technology sunscreen that is designed for daily use, and when used properly it will not interfere with your clothing.

Is SolarGuard MD water resistant?
Yes it is.

How often should I apply SolarGuard MD?
To achieve your best results, apply SolarGuard MD 20 minutes before sun exposure, and at frequent intervals after perspiring, swimming or towel drying.

What type of scars require SolarGuard MD?
Is there a point where it is no longer needed?

Scars should be protected from the sun for the first six months to prevent darkening. Scars that are being treated with Scarlight MD should also be protected to prevent further darkening. Because all scars are unique, your physician may have specific recommendations for your individual needs.

Can I use SolarGuard MD if I am pregnant?
If you are pregnant you should check with your doctor before using SolarGuard MD.

Can SolarGuard MD be used on children?
Please consult with your physician before applying SolarGuard MD to children who are under age six. However, you should always keep SolarGuard MD out of the reach of children. Should a child swallow SolarGuard MD, immediately seek medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Are there any other precautions of which I should be aware?
Yes. Never apply SolarGuard MD to open wounds, and do not allow it to come in contact with your eyes. If contact does occur, immediately rinse your eyes with water. In addition, if using SolarGuard MD causes skin irritation, stop use and contact your doctor if your condition becomes worse or your irritation becomes severe.

Speak to your physician today about the results you can achieve with Scarguard MD® Physicians Formula, Scarlight MD™ and SolarGuard MD™.