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PRIMACY is a highly effective antioxidant treatment system that is available only through licensed skin care specialists. We chose the name PRIMACY for our new technologically advanced product line because it represents another first from SKINCEUTICALS, the leader in antioxidant skin care.

How does it work? Everyday, environmental elements like sunlight, smoke, air-pollution cause oxy radicals to form in the skin. These oxy radicals attack your skin's collagen, causing lines and wrinkles to appear. This process is called photoaging.

Antioxidants (like vitamin-C and vitamin-E) fight oxy radicals, helping to prevent premature environmental damage, and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PRIMACY contains some of the highest levels of antioxidant protection available. PRIMACY means higher concentrations, pure bio-available ingredients, and unparalleled stabilization technology, all supported by clinical research at top medical institutions.

Patients using PRIMACY products should be on a carefully designed program and monitored regularly by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or other skin care specialist.

Primacy 20 SERUM 20

Vitamin-C has been shown to prevent premature aging in skin, to stimulate collagen production, and to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, in order to be affective, a vitamin-C formulation must contain a high concentration of L-ascorbic acid - an ingredient that is extremely difficult to stabilize at high concentrations.

Now, the makers of the original topical vitamin-C formulations introduce a new breakthrough in vitamin-C stabilization technology: Serum 20 - a 20% concentration of stable vitamin-C.

Primacy The highest concentration of stable vitamin-C available, Serum 20 is formulated at the precise concentration proven to deliver maximum amounts of vitamin-C to the skin, providing you with the highest levels of anti-aging protection.

Most other formulations:

  • Do not contain L-ascorbic acid (the only form of vitamin-C the body can use)
  • Do not contain high enough levels of vitamin-C to be effective
  • Are not formulated at the precise pH to allow the vitamin-C to be absorbed by the skin.

Recent absorption studies conducted at Duke University show that a 20% concentration of vitamin-C at low pH delivers the highest possible levels of vitamin-C to the skin. (See chart above)

Primacy Serum 20:

  • Contains 20% L-ascorbic acid, proven to deliver the highest levels of vitamin-C to the skin
  • Contains the highest concentration of vitamin-C available
  • Protects skin with the antioxidant strength of vitamin-C
  • Improves skin tone, elasticity and firmness
  • Prevents the appearance of future signs of aging


PRIMACY C+AHA works by two different mechanisms to help improve the appearance of aging skin. C+AHA is an easy to use, two-in-one product that helps your skin radiant and healthy body inside and out.

On the inside of your body, a 15% concentration of vitamin-C helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by fighting oxy radicals and stimulating collagen production.

On the outside of your skin, a 10% concentration of alpha hydroxy acids causes exfoliation, smoothing the skin and creating a more youthful appearance. C+AHA contains both glycolic acid and lactic acid, which slough off the rough, textured outer layer of the skin, revealing newer youthful skin under the surface.


  • A simple one step exfoliating/antioxidant treatment
  • Improves the appearance of aging skin using two different mechanisms
  • 15% vitamin-C improves the appearance of skin from within
  • 10% alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin, revealing youthful skin below

As shown in the chart to the right, C+AHA uses two different mechanisms to improve the appearance of skin on the inside and on the outside.

Primacy C+E C + E

The antioxidant benefits of vitamin-C and vitamin-E are well established medical facts. Recent studies show that using a combination of vitamin-C and vitamin-E provide even greater benefits for the skin than using vitamin-C or vitamin-E alone.

New Research Shows:

  • A combination of vitamin C+E provides better protection from UVB damage than vitamin-C or vitamin-E alone
  • When used with a sunscreen, a combination of vitamins C+E provides almost complete protection from UVA damage
  • In the body, vitamin-C is necessary to replenish itself

Combining these two antioxidants was thought to be impossible because pure vitamin-C (L-ascorbic acid) is water-soluble, and pure vitamin-E (alpha-tocopherol) is oil-soluble. Our unique formulation technology has now allowed us to develop a revolutionary product that combines 15% vitamin-C and 1% vitamin-E to create a super antioxidant treatment C+E.

Primacy PRIMACY C+E:

  • Contains technology allowing pre vitamin-C and pure vitamin-E to be combined in one formulation
  • Improves the appearance of aging skin using two powerful antioxidants
  • Protects better than vitamin-C or vitamin-E alone
  • Helps to enhance the performance of sunscreens

The graph to the right shows the effect of a combination of vitamin-C and vitamin-E on the prevention of sunburn cells caused by UVB exposure. A combination of vitamin-C and vitamin-E provides better protection from UVB damage than vitamin-C or vitamin-E alone.

Primacy Phyto+ PHYTO+

PRIMACY Phyto+ is an advanced lightening formula with five active ingredients that work synergistically to lighten and improve overall health and appearance of your skin.

Phyto+ contains:

  • 5% Arbutin Glycoside - A natural plant extract that helps lighten the skin by breaking up excess melanin deposits.
  • 5% Thyme Extract - A natural extract that helps soothe skin and stimulate circulation, improving the appearance of tired skin or dark under-eye circles.
  • 2% Kojic Acid - Helps lighten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, the substance that gives skin its color.
  • 1% Cucumber Extract - Helps to soothe, tighten and refresh tired and sagging skin.

Primacy Primacy

Normal skin color is formed by melanin, a natural pigment that also determines hair and eye color. In the skin, the enzyme tyrosinase biochemically converts tyrosine into melanin.

When too much melanin is produced, deposits are formed and hyperpigmentation appears in the skin.

Phyto+ contains natural plant glycosides - extracts that have been shown to interfere in the process that causes melanin to appear in the skin, preventing further accumulation of excess melanin and discoloration.

PRIMACY was designed to provide your skin with the best antioxidant protection available. Please note that these regimes reflect a program incorporating all PRIMACY products. Your regime may vary depending on your skin type, condition, or on the recommendation of your skin care specialist. The regime below was designed to help you incorporate PRIMACY products into your existing skin are regime.