A pool of credit simulation for the first indicators

You have several personal loans in progress, you want to make a credit redemption with more cash but you do not know if your request for credit redemption will be accepted. The pooling of credit in simulation will give you some indicators.

How to use a credit redemption simulator?

How to use a credit redemption simulator?


All you need to do is enter your online credits, monthly income, and rent or mortgage charges. The credit pooling simulation indicates the credit in simulation with the future monthly payment, the duration and the APR. In the simulation credit pool, you must also indicate the amount of cash you want in addition to your credit redemption.

But when your loan buyback presents some peculiarities, the simulation of credit redemption may be wrong.

Applying to a credit broker

To be sure of your credit consolidation, it is best to contact a professional who is familiar with credit redemption organizations. The study will be thorough and detailed. You may be eligible for limited permission if your broking relates to the goods and services sold by your firm, and your main business doesn’t involve a regulated activity other than the regulated activity of entering into, or exercising the owner’s rights under a consumer hire agreement. Firms that broker consumer hire and hire-purchase agreements are also eligible for limited permission but domestic premises suppliers aren’t eligible for limited permission broking.

Make a repurchase redemption

Make a repurchase redemption

This transaction is in fact a second redemption of credit. The specialized bank will ask for explanations about the re-indebtedness after the first purchase of consumer credit.

Redeeming a credit surrender is imperative for all banks except in the case where the first credit surrender is a mortgage.

The credit consolidation rate

It can vary from one bank to another and especially depending on the duration of the credit redemption. The shorter the duration, the lower the rate. If you have more than 60% mortgage, the rate will be the lowest. If you have less than 60% mortgage, the rate will be lower if you offer a mortgage guarantee.

For times, rates, you can make a credit redemption online and to finalize your file, just call us we take charge of your request for credit redemption until financing.